Art at the Monastery


My husband and I are regular patrons to a local monastery set in the lovely woods of Michigan, 45 minutes outside of Detroit.  This special place has become like a second home for us and also many other members of our community.  Time there is filled with rest, reflection, and chanting the Psalms with the monks who reside there. 


The monastery recently finished a new building addition to the property and asked if I would help curate art for the empty white walls.  I am currently working on creating a self-guided “art tour” for visitors who come to the monastery to be able to view all of the amazing art that has been donated to the monastery over the years and to also engage with rotating exhibits of contemporary art.  Much of the donated art is the Orthodox style of painting icons, which is rich in church history and symbolism.  I have been studying and researching these paintings in an effort to put together a tour that is historically significant to the Christian church, to the history of the monastery, as well as spiritually engaging to the viewer in the present.

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