Neighborhood Art School


Neighborhood Art School


Clairmount Studios is the name of a duplex in our neighborhood of Detroit and is dedicated to providing affordable arts programming to residents.  It came about as a collaboration between Central Detroit Christian (a community development nonprofit), a grant from Kresge Arts, and a group of artists who live in the neighborhood. The right side of the duplex is occupied by The Red and The Storiers and the left side of the duplex is run by my husband Billy and I and we are developing the Neighborhood Art School (NAS).  We’ve spent the last two years hosting art & music shows, clothing design classes, music classes, and it has been a space where our artist collective called “One” meets twice monthly.  I am focusing on the Asmara Design part of the school and he is focusing on the Music School. 


Asmara Design

In 2018 I started Asmara Design which is dedicated to empowering young aspiring fashion designers through a mentorship based education program.  We have hosted multiple classes teaching students how to sew, create a pattern, and make their own clothing and accessories.  We have also hosted multiple “Express Yourself” workshops in partnership with the Detroit Design Festival and Central Detroit Christian’s summer camp where students learn the art of fashion illustration to express their inner self.  My focus for 2020/2021 is to gather resources to fully equip the design studio space with more tools necessary for classes and to connect with other design professionals to fully develop the program to re-open after covid.  Please visit my tithe page to learn more ways you can help support this project and for more information about the program please visit


Would you like to help us actualize the Neighborhood Art School in Detroit?  Our focus for 2020/2121 is to gather resources to fully equip the fashion design studio and the music/recording/writing studio so when covid is over we can re-open and offer a high-quality arts education to the residents of our city.  Art programming in the public school system is very limited and so this is filling a vital need in our city. 


All donations for the Neighborhood Art School are tax-deductible and go through Central Detroit Christian. You can donate online, ACH direct debit, or by mail. Please make sure to make a note that your donation is for the "Neighborhood Art School / Billy & Sarah Mark”.  There are also links to purchase items for the space directly so if you prefer to donate that way please contact us for shipping information.  


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