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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

August 2020

Greetings, Friends! I am excited to start this blog as a way to share with you some of the amazing ways that I have encountered God through the process of making art. I’ll share stories from my own personal experiences and will also share stories from other artists' experiences as well. Not every piece of art that I make has some crazy supernatural story to go along with it, but on the other hand, some DO have an amazing story of how God showed up in the process.

Recently I’ve been meditating on Isaiah 60/61/62 and the verses mentioning “for the display of His splendor” has stood out to me in this context of making art. Elohim, the great Creator, has created all things in this earth “for the display of His splendor” and He has also created us as a part of that spendor. The scripture says “he has endowed you with splendor” and “you will be a crown of splendor in the Lord’s hand”. As an artist I believe my purpose is to first and foremost commune with the Creator and that is why art making is such a sacred space for me. Secondly, I believe that when I share that work with others it allows the Spirit to flow and speak to that person in their own unique story. I am not always so good about the “sharing” of my work and so my desire for this blog is that in sharing, God’s splendor will be displayed and that His Spirit will speak to you in whatever you are going through.

Thank you for this opportunity and blessing to share.



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