• Sarah Mark

Magenta Vespers

Second week long residency at Saint Augustine's House this year. Beautiful 7 days just me, my materials, prayer breaks with community, nature meditations, and the time to create. The Janurary residency laid a groundwork for this larger "Unity Collection" project I've embarked on. It's clear these monochromatic panels now coordinate with the times of Divine Office prayer each day. Magenta is the color of vespers with hints of copper. I experimented with rubbings on this copper coated denim by finding wood carvings and taking some sand paper to the fabric. My favorite part of this piece is the rubbing I did on a hand carved wooden arc that Father Jude was working on before he passed away. His unfinished work still sat on his workbench in the wood shop where he spent so many of his days. I wonder what work I will leave unfinished in this life?

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