• Sarah Mark

The Magic of 10 minutes

About a decade ago, when we were living in Los Angeles, we met with a group of other like minded artists to delve into what faith & art meant to us. One of the beautiful things we did as a group was to encourage each other to engage in a practice of creating something in 10 minutes or less every day. I have revisited this practice off and on over the years and have recently disciplined myself to start each day with this practice of creating something in just 10 minutes. I'd sit in my studio with my latte, 6"x6" artist tile paper, and a bin of collage materials and thread. (And of course- covid times- my 7 year old is in the corner of my studio doing his morning zoom with his class- my 2nd grader studio mate-special times)

The magic of this practice is that there's no time to be too choosy about what I'm doing and also knowing that I'm not trying to create a masterpiece in 10 frees up my mind and my hands to put things together by instinct and not overthink it. For 3 weeks I meditated on Psalm 90 and so I'd write a verse of the Psalm on one side of the paper, then on the other side I'd create a collage. The verse helps to direct my thoughts as to what colors, images, etc. I'd choose and it was a great way to start the day with scripture and a creative exercise.

After being out of practice of creating for awhile now, this was a great way to get my mind and hands back into a creative flow. AND it was fun! I highly recommend this magic of taking 10 minutes a day to do something you love!

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