A creative tithe is when a community supports an artist's practice,

and the work made is given as a gift.

I believe art is a powerful tool for the transformation of self as well as the world.  I know I am made to make art as well as give time to my community to love my neighbors.  Receiving your support will allow me the time to do both well through the practice of making and gifting my work as well as running the Asmara Design School in my neighborhood here in Detroit. 

Sarah's Community of Support   



It is a joy and honor to receive your support, thank you.  Please sign up for my blog notifications so I can share with you about how the projects are going and the journey of what “gifting” my works ends up looking like.  Reaching my goal of 150 supporters will cover the cost of time and materials.  If you’d like to share this invitation with friends, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Sarah's support goal:

$20 monthly supporters: 1/150


Since the early 2000’s I have been engaging in the process of giving a portion of my tithe to artists I believe in.  Billy and I would prayerfully discern who we should approach, and if they were willing, we would offer our tithe to their art practice.  Some artists worked on a project, some paid bills, some bought materials.  They all were encouraged by the gift and the gift kept flowing through their hands to the world. 


For years Billy and I have been talking about setting up some sort of website where people can give a portion of their tithe to artists to support their practice.  We meet regularly with other faith-based artists in Detroit and so we started discussing this seriously in 2019.  The twist is that as artists who are receiving tithes, we are agreeing that we will no longer operate in the art market of selling our work, but when our support practice (time and materials) are covered, we vow to GIFT our work to whomever and wherever we feel called.  Our desire as faith based artists is to apply the economics of Jesus to the art market.  Many religions tithe, the Jewish tithe has proven itself a powerful spiritual/economic model for thousands of years, and Jesus spoke on money more than anything else. We want to mine these economic principles and see how this alternative perspective can create a more equitable and accessible art community.  (www.creativetithing.org)


Creating this website and engaging in this process called “Creative Tithing” has been a very humbling and transformational process for me.  After years of attempting to unwind my “designer” brain which was so used to creating a product for a target market at an affordable price, I have now entered the art world, which exists in another challenging market environment itself.  With the desire to create meaningful work, in an atmosphere that has no other agenda other than to commune with the Creator and to share what comes out of that communion….. is where I find myself today.  This is a new step in faith, putting my hands out there to receive the support needed, and trusting that God will provide.


Receiving $20/month from you will cover my time and materials for my art practice and my hours running the Asmara Design education program.


For my art practice, I’m looking for like minded artists who would like to collaborate: photographer, videographer, make-up/hair artists, sound designer, choreographer, model/performers.  For the Asmara Design School I’m looking for design industry professionals who would like to either share their story with students via a zoom class or to do an in person class.  Please contact me for more details if you’re interested in connecting! 


In 2021 I will be looking for a space to produce the Unity Collection show/performance….if you have a space you’re interested in donating, please contact me.


As a fiber artist, I LOVE textiles!  I love re-purposing textiles and even if you think something is ugly, I might find a way to make it beautiful.  If you have any materials worth donating, please send me photos/description of fabrics in an email.  I can always use fabric donations for Asmara Design classes as well. 


Neighborhood Art School / Asmara Design

My husband and I are honored to be stewards of a space owned by Central Detroit Christian, which is dedicated to providing affordable arts programming to folks in our neighborhood.


The Duplex is called Clairmount Studios and our side (the left side) we are running it as a Neighborhood Art School.  On the right side of the duplex is Live Coal Gallery.  Over the last couple of years we have hosted multiple art & music shows, clothing design classes, music classes, and it has been a space where our artist collective called “One” meets twice monthly


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Art at the Monastery

My husband and I are regular patrons to a local monastery set in the lovely woods of Michigan, 45 minutes outside of Detroit.  This special place has become like a second home for us and also many other members of our community.  Time there is filled with rest, reflection, and chanting the Psalms with the monks who reside there.


Click below to find out more about the project and ways you can help make it happen.


Clairmount Studios Opening
Clairmount Studios Opening

Making Up Songs!
Making Up Songs!